The Entrepreneurial Journey

Product Information

The author of the bestselling book The 8 Best Practices of High-Performing Salespeople now brings you: The Entrepreneurial Journey: A Handbook For Building Your Business.

The Entrepreneurial Journey is a start-to-finish guide to business planning that is both educational and actionable. This ebook explains how to build a customized business plan and incorporates exercises so the reader has actually built his or her plan by the end of the book.

As Norm puts it:
“This ebook builds from where The 8 Best Practices left off. Since my first book came out, our organization has worked with thousands of financial advisors across the globe helping them build their businesses.”

The complexity facing entrepreneurs is staggering. Nowadays, the world’s top advisors are not the world’s best salespeople, or the world’s best marketers, they are the world’s best entrepreneurs. This is my latest book as a handbook to show advisors, and entrepreneurs of all stripes, how to compete in the increasingly complex world of client relationships and business strategy by mastering the art of business. In other words, this book shows the reader how to take the Entrepreneurial Journey.

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