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Download this video today and unlock the economic potential in your business. Learn how to increase revenue by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. With your download, you will receive a BONUS video on How Top Producers Reach their Goals and support materials – workbork, articles, case studies and more!

To adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, you have to think strategically. In our experience there are two types of entrepreneurs:

  1. Income Producers
  2. Business Builders

Income Producers are motivated to create a business that facilitates the expression of their unique ability. In effect, they are the business. The Income Producer structures the business, consciously or unconsciously, in such as way that the income generated by the business is almost entirely dependent upon the efforts of the entrepreneur. The measure of success for Income Producers is the amount of income they generate.

Business Builders are motivated to create a business that has value greater than the sum of their own efforts and abilities. Business Builders want to grow bigger than their own capabilities. To do so they require an organization.

In the first of a 5-part series, you will learn from The Covenant Group and top producers how to adopt an entrepreneurial Mindset and redefine your business. We want to help you achieve success!

Each Business Builder Module contains video, case studies, exercises, and an easy-to-use workbook to help you think through the principles and implement change in your business.

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