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To maintain relationships we have to work at them. The experience we create for our clients after they buy our products and services determines the amount of repeat business we get and the extent to which our clients become our evangelists – opening the door to introductions, recommendations and referrals.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that they are not just competing with competitors in their industry or sector. Today we are competing against all other products and services. We live in an experience economy; you need to examine the experience you are creating for your clients and whether or not it is unique. The sale to a client is both an ending and a beginning. We help you create the experience clients are looking for and establish an effective marketing mix to engage both clients and prospects. With your download, you will receive a BONUS VIDEO where Advisor of the Year Jim Brogan Reveals his Marketing Mix and support materials – workbork, articles, case studies and more!

This 2-part video will help you succeed at getting more introductions, recommendations and referrals from the people you know. You will learn to create an experience that expands your “relationship equity.” It is possible to grow your business based upon a reputation of service excellence and value-added relationships.

Each Business Builder Module contains video, case studies, exercises, and an easy-to-use workbook to help you think through the principles and implement change in your business.

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