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There is an art and science to attracting the right clients. Great businesses have a simple and compelling message that pervades their marketing, sales and service initiatives. With your download, you will receive a BONUS VIDEO where A Millionaire Advisor Shares his Techniques and support materials – workbork, articles, case studies and more!

We know that people are often judgmental by nature. We form impressions of other people within a few seconds of meeting them and these impressions are long lasting and resistant to change. We also make judgments about products or services in a short time span. These judgments are often shaped by preconceptions and biases. That is why it is important to do whatever you can to persuade people of the value of what you do and your trustworthiness before you meet for the first time. In other words, the more you pre-suade, the easier it is to persuade people of the value you provide.

Engage helps you become the Trusted Advisor your clients want. Do you have an effective dialogue that facilitates and deepens trust with your prospective and existing clients? You need to earn the right to proceed and build commitment to a mutually beneficial relationship. We can show you how!

These videos will help you create your own Client Attraction Conversation. You can see how to take a thoughtful and disciplined approach to establishing trust and earning the right to become your client’s Trusted Advisor.

Each Business Builder Module contains video, case studies, exercises, and an easy-to-use workbook to help you think through the principles and implement change in your business.

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