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Earn the right to proceed to higher levels of client commitment. Each action you take as you build the relationship with your prospective client will either foster trust or detract from your relationship. We want to help you build long lasting relationships with your clients and prospects. With your download, you will receive a BONUS VIDEO where 2 Millionaire Advisors Share their Secrests and support materials – workbork, articles, case studies and more!

The purpose of the Commit phase is to affirm commitment from the client to buy your products or services – now and in the years to come. During this phase you are in a dialogue to foster shared understanding.

The purpose of discovery is to listen and learn to determine what is important to the other person, their goals and what is getting in the way of realizing their aspirations. Once you have demonstrated that you truly understand the difference between where people are and where they want to be, you can now prepare and present your solutions.

Each Business Builder Module contains video, case studies, exercises, and an easy-to-use workbook to help you think through the principles and implement change in your business.

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